​​EOH MC Solutions understands that Sales is one of the most important functions in any organisation. Our senior consultants have extensive experience simplifying and optimising Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM creates a smarter way for your sales team to interact with the business and each other in an automated fashion. We also realise that client information such as contact numbers, influencers, contract details, deals, complaints, conversations and connections belongs to your business and not to individuals. Dynamics CRM ensures that critical client relationship information remains with the business after individuals depart. Business today is faster than ever and quick access to relevant sales information can be the game changer. We specialise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, Integration, and Sales Process Automation. Microsoft is one of the largest sales forces in the world. They use the latest version of Dynamics CRM to collaborate across territories and gain market insights and they have been extremely successful in growing sales.

Our consultants follow a trusted deployment methodology based on Microsoft’s own implementation method and developed by EOH MC Solutions according to our highly regarded Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) discipline.

Our friendly and mature CRM team at EOH MC Solutions​ believes in working with your sales team to understand their unique challenges and tailor the system to work in a familiar and easy way.

Elements of a typical CRM project:

  • We create role-based and group-based permissions for easy information distribution and sharing.
  • Automate your web-to-lead system and apply filtering rules.
  • Coordinate Customer Service, Marketing and Sales by tracking leads in one centralised system.
  • ​Link emails to relevant leads, accounts or opportunities.
  • Use guided dialogues to streamline the qualification process.
  •  Manage tenders, RFP’s and bids centrally by quickly setting up bid teams, templates, deadlines and tasks
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM right within Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Ensure your people are working on current product, account data with bidirectional data synch  between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your ERP system such as Syspro, SAP, Great Pains, Dynamics  AX or Navision.
  • We will tailor your sales pipeline dashboards for improved financial planning and sharing.
  • All reports and analytics including revenue projections are displayed by individual, group, region or  the entire business.
  • Our consultants analyse your process and create guided dialogues and easy-to-act-on KPIs across the sales organisation to make training and user adoption easier.

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