​​​EOH MC Solutions​ embraces flexible solution architectures for mobile solution development which enhances the quality as well as the speed to market of mobile applications for your organization.

Maximizing re-use and ROI without sacrificing user experience

Operating system versions, user interfaces and presentation styles differ across mobile platforms. The competition in the industry drives rapid evolution and all of the platforms - Windows, Android and iOS  - are being enhanced,virtually on a daily basis.

In this environment it becomes critical to find the right balance between artefact sharing across technology platforms and platform specialization as well as user experience where it makes sense.

Native or Hybrid architectures

We follow two approaches for mobile application development and will help you to choose the correct approach depending on the nature of your application. ​

  • ​For content oriented applications that require cross-platform interoperability (Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry) we will tend towards a hybrid HTML5/native architecture. 
  • For applications with complex ‘’on-device’’ business logic, performance requirements or device-specific features which are required to be deployed on multiple phone platforms, ​we will tend towards an approach utilising the Xamarin toolset which allows shared core application components across Windows, Android and iOS. This approach- allows us to maximize the reuse of application​ logic, minimize on-going maintenance costs and maximize your return on investment.

User experience

User experience (UX) is an essential element of  mobile applications and every effort must be made to design a solution that provides a seamless and dynamic experience for the application user. We take a focused user-centric approach in the design and construction of mobile applications.

Led by our UX and design consultants, we will deliver the right experience that aligns with the user needs and constraints and guidelines of the given platforms that you decide to deploy to.

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