Data Platform

​​​EOH MC Solutions uses the Microsoft data platform to create data-centric solutions across mobile devices and desktops for web servers, enterprise servers and the cloud.
We are uniquely skilled to help in the development and design of database strategies, system monitoring, improving database performance and planning for future expansion requirements. We can assist you in your planning, coordinating and implementing security measures to safeguard your data.

Below our key data platform offerings:


Data Architecture

EOH MC Database Architects have years of experience designing and developing database solutions and are therefore uniquely positioned to assist our clients in designing models, policies, rules and standards that will help govern their organisation into the future.

This experience can also be used to ratify designs made by other vendors to ensure quality of work by providing a 3rd party opinion.


Database Application Development

With the volume of data that need to be managed in any modern organisation growing exponentially, it is critical that your business has the mechanisms to assimilate this mass of information in a manageable way and interpret it correctly to support business decision makers.

EOH MC Solutions​ will help you to develop scalable data-centric solutions that target your business information requirements and grow as your organisation grows. We have the skills and experience to develop applications that access data virtually anywhere at any time, using a wide range of managed and native programming languages, data connectivity technologies and programming frameworks.


MS SQL performance optimization and stabilisation

All customers require database solutions and therefore need the staff to support these solutions. Unfortunately database resources are scarce and expensive, but we offer many flexible resourcing solutions that can assist you and prevent the need to employ more full-time staff.


Data Conversions and Version Upgrades

Many customers still have legacy systems that are mission critical, but at the same time they form a massive risk due to the technology not being flexible or dynamic enough for the rapidly changing business landscape we now live in.

EOH MC has a diverse data team with many experts in new and legacy database systems that can assist customers in migrating their legacy systems to the latest SQL Server platforms.

In addition, many customers have developed solutions on the MS SQL Server platform over the years and these systems have become integral to the business. We can assist you by migrating your databases to the latest platforms and implementing the latest versions and enhanced features for you.


Data Consolidations and Integrations

Many customers end up installing multiple instances of SQL Server over a period of time without actually understanding the licensing implications and costs involved.

By moving the various databases onto a single SQL Server with multiple instances, the same performance can be achieved with a massive reduction on licensing costs.

As specialists in using SQL Server Integration services, EOH MC has drastically simplified the process of integrating various data sources using ETL and ELT.

This can be done from almost any platform using standard ODBC, OLE DB and native database drivers to and from the MS SQL Server.


Data Warehousing Solutions

There are a variety of data sources that may be important to your business, for example ERP, ISP, SAS, SAP, MS SQL, MYSQL, CSV, EXCEL and CRM, to name a few. Let us integrate your company data sources and consolidate them into a central, intelligible reporting platform, as well as help you to implement a suitable reporting tool to exploit this wealth of accessible data. With our “parallel rapid development” methodology you can start using your new data marts early in the implementation process. We'll guide you through envisioning, planning, designing and implementing a warehouse, from data extraction through to the presentation layer.

Our team of data warehousing specialists has extensive experience in designing and implementing data warehousing solutions for large corporates. Following the Ralph Kimball methodology, our consultants will ensure that any data warehousing undertaking will ensure a positive return on investment early on in the project.

Data warehouses forms the basis of any Business Intelligence solution at an organizational level and EOH MC is exceedingly adept at building them.


Data Warehouse Rejuvenation

The business world is littered with examples of ill-conceived data warehouses that cost a fortune to develop over many months, but in the final analysis deliver little value to the business or make access to the data impractical and costly.

If you already have a significant investment in a data warehouse, we are able to assist you in fine-tuning that solution to ensure that you are getting the optimum return from your investment.

Our highly qualified team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of your existing solution and help you to develop a strategy that will make sure the data is in the hands of those who need it most without the costly exercise of rebuilding it from scratch. A well designed makeover from ETL to presentation layer, will encourage your users to trust the data once again.


Business Intelligence

EOH MC are specialists in the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack of technologies and we have extensive experience with the latest SQL platform.
This includes: 

  • Using the latest advancements in SSIS to speed up the ETL process.
  • Building Cubes using either the Multi-Dimensional or Semantic models(Tabular).
  • Cleaning up the imported data using Data Quality Services
  • Centralizing data by implementing Master Data Services
  • Building a presentation layer using Power View and Performance Point Services​

Data Presentation Layers

No Business Intelligence solution is successful without a user friendly and intuitive presentation layer.
With the advent of Power View and Performance Point services on the SharePoint platform, this task has become significantly easier and we have made a point of becoming experts in it.

We also support Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) as an additional reporting layer either with SharePoint or without.

This focuses on self-service Business Intelligence(BI).


Data Deployments

EOH MC has a very strong project methodology that is based on iterative development and agile. As part of our unwavering principals all development efforts need to be source controlled

EOH MC has integrated all our database development seamlessly into a Microsoft Team Foundation Server(TFS) source control solution and we can help our clients achieve the same result.

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