Custom Application Development

​​​​.Net Application Development

EOH MC Solutions delivers custom solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies and tools. Our approach to custom software development is to adhere to principles and practices that guarantee code of the highest quality and solution architectures that are the best possible fit for the requirements of the system being built.

We follow domain-driven design principles which is an approach based on the premise that:


  • complex domain designs should be based on models and 
  • for most software projects, the primary focus should be on the domain and domain logic and not the ​particular technology used to implement the system.​


It is our practice within EOH MC Solutions to understand and drive this practice through our interactions between ourselves and our clients. This leads to a better understanding and management of expectations when the project comes to the implementation phase. It also allows the developers to better verbalise the issues, concerns and solutions to the domain experts and vice versa.

EOH MC Solutions uses process lifecycle management tools extensively to guide the development process and make it transparent through rich reporting and we impose the quality standards expected of our development teams through automated testing and code quality enforcement.

We are specialists in delivering large-scale, complex systems and are competent in implementing cloud based solutions, service based integration, rich client applications (web, windows and mobile) and data intensive applications (on-line transaction processing and on-line analytical processing).

Software Development Framework

EOH MC Solutions focusses on developing solution frameworks and components in order to reduce project risk and increase quality and productivity through code re-use. Software development projects often contain a degree of similarity in their requirements. The plumbing which facilitates ease of development through abstraction of the complexities involved into reusable frameworks, is the key to enabling development teams and making them efficient.

There are a large number of frameworks available from vendors such as Microsoft as well as open source initiatives that provide starting points for the creation of infrastructural components for such items as logging, data access, dependency injection, communication and user interaction. EOH MC Solutions​ uses a common set of these frameworks across projects which are supplemented by internally developed frameworks that speed up development, provide commonality across projects and ultimately enhance the maintainability and quality of the solutions.

Our ability to externalise business rules from a systems domain model and code is a key differentiator. This ensures that we provide systems which are flexible to the changing requirements of a business, without having to go through complex and costly redevelopment.

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