Architectural Services

​​​​​​​Architectural Services

EOH MC Solutions​ offers a set of architectural consulting services to enable you to most appropriately align your IT solutions with your business vision. These services listed below can be tailored to your needs and provide thought leadership consulting in each area:

Software engineering practices establishment and governance

  • We can assist in establishing non-negotiable software development practices within your teams in  order to ensure consistency in quality of output. This entails building a level of excellence in your  development teams which follows proven practices.
  • Architectural standards
  • Technology standards
  • Development style and standards
  • Unit testing practices
  • Continuous integration
  • Peer reviews

System Review and Analysis

 We are a trusted partner to many organisations in providing system and process reviews across quality of architecture and implementation. We will review your system against quality standards and its expected non-functional requirements in terms of performance, quality, security, fit for purpose and development standards.

Application Lifecycle Management Establishment

EOHMC can help you define the right development methodology for your teams and projects that balances agility with quality and predictable deliver. We will define and implement ALM infrastructure and processes to support a customized SDLC according to the characteristics of the systems being developed.

Solution Architecture

  • Our architects design systems appropriately for scale and quality to the needs of the system.
  • We follow proven architectural patterns for delivering maintainable, extensible and scalable systems.
  • All architecture developed through our architects goes through continuous review of new opportunities against accepted practices​ and new ideas through an established internal architecture forum.

Technology evaluation

EOHMC architecture services can assist you in the development of evaluation approaches for comparison of competing technologies against your EA strategy, business strategy and business requirements.

Accelerated proof of concepts for new technologies

Our architecture teams can help you rapidly assess the merits of a technology through the development of proof of concepts that match the most difficult scenarios that your systems will be faced with.

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