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​LiveTiles represents the next evolution of int​erface design. It’s a user experience platform which lets you create modern, data-driven and touch-friendly solutions.​

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LiveTiles connects to various data sources to

  • deliver user-centric information such as schedules, tasks and popular documents
  • display content from external applications such as Yammer and Dynamics CRM
  • surface information from line-of-business systems


By linking enterprise-grade social tools and search with live business intelligence, digital content and automated workflows, LiveTiles empowers your users to new heights of productivity and collaboration.


The visually-exciting interface also helps to create interest and drive user adoption. The tiles enable easy navigation for touch and mobile devices to empower today’s growing mobile workforce. All this is achieved while making the best use of screen real estate through displaying content dynamically.

You can find our SharePoint Saturday 2014 presentation on LiveTiles below:


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